Pope Francis has got some explaining to do. He was installed as pope in 2013 after the Nazi pope was ousted for disgracing the papacy by protecting thousands of priest rapists from prosecution. Pope Francis was supposed to clean up that mess. In the past six years, all he has done is formulate a new policy in March 2019 codifying what the Vatican has been doing for the past 100 years: hiding rapists from civil authorities & making their crimes against children a sin absolved in confession rather than a crime requiring prosecution in a court of law.

Now a report has been released showing that for the past eight years (six of them under Pope Francis), the Catholic Church has spent $10.6 million in eight Northeastern US states lobbying against & blocking legislation to support victims of clergy sexual assault.

This catastrophe is not going to end until the Catholic laity begin to organize active opposition to Vatican obstruction of justice by protecting rapists. It remains a mystery why civil authorities around the world have not taken action against the Catholic Church for harboring rapists & obstructing justice in a court of law. Rapists’ confessions to their priests are of no legal concern or interest because we don’t give a damn how they clear up their relationship with God. A suitable justice or act of contrition would be they all burn in hell. Our concern is solely the children who they have so immeasurably harmed.


(Photo is first page of three-page report on Catholic Church lobbying in eight states. Report can be accessed within the linked article.)