To discredit him as an “al-Qaeda affiliated Salafi-jihadi terrorist,” Assadists put up a video of Abdul Baset al-Sarout (killed by Syrian forces last Saturday) leading chants at the Arab Spring protests proclaiming “we are all jihadis.” The so-called ‘war on terror’ which Assadists completely support has twisted popular understanding of what jihad & jihadi mean in the Quran. It does not refer to holy wars or terrorists but to the religious & ethical struggles to promote what is right & prevent what is wrong. In that Islamic regard, Abdul Baset al-Sarout was a true jihadi & Assadists are still Islamophobic & anti-Semitic dirt balls who support dictatorship, gulags, & counterrevolution against the Syrian Arab Spring uprising. Would that we could all be jihadis.

(Photo is Abdul Baset al-Sarout)