The Texas-Mexico border is subtropical with summer temperatures reaching up to a sweltering 110 Fahrenheit. There are repeated warnings in media not to leave children or animals in parked cars for even a few moments because after 6 minutes they become dehydrated & begin to suffer permanent neurological damage. Port Isabel, where this incident took place, is about two hours from McAllen & shares the same climate. Leaving 37 children from 5 to 12-years-old in a parked van for 39 hours was a criminal, even homicidal act toward those children & all the agents involved & their supervisors should be fired & prosecuted.

How does their criminal negligence differ from the trucker who in May 2003 in Victoria, Texas (246 miles north of Port Isabel) abandoned a milk van with Mexican & Central American immigrants, 19 of whom suffocated to death? How does it differ from US special forces who in 2001 transported Afghan prisoners in shipping containers with no air holes, killing all of them gruesomely & then dumping them in a mass grave? This casual indifference even contempt for human life is the character of racist US policy. The fact that it is not being massively & publicly opposed by antiwar, immigration rights, or human rights groups speaks to the crisis of political leadership in US politics. What’s the point of all those socialists if they can’t get off their asses to oppose this?