There’s a large number of “retired” FBI, CIA, State Department, Pentagon & military officials who became born-again antiwar leaders upon receiving their pensions. Since, by their own admission, they consult with active-duty operatives from their former agencies, I don’t trust them one iota. I don’t trust that they aren’t still on the payroll since their primary purpose has been to promote Assad. But there is a broader phenomenon of such high-level US spies & military officials ostensibly defecting from their former, well-remunerated, lifelong commitments to US political & military power. Iran’s New Horizon conference for prominent fascists from around the world attracts holocaust deniers & other rabid anti-Semites, Islamophobes & proponents of ‘war on terror’ ideology, disoriented Palestine supporters like Greta Berlin, Medea Benjamin, Miko Peled, Abby Martin, & a huge number of “retired” FBI, CIA, State Department, Pentagon & military officials. The fascists & “retired” US government functionaries make up the majority of attendees.

Is there a disaffection going on at the highest levels among US government functionaries? Did they sit on those disaffections with US militarism their whole damn lives & only get voluble about them when they had their pensions in hand? Or are they pulling a fast one on us?