Since an Assadist has reposted my pieces about the White Helmets on their FB sites, he promised before I bounced him that my wall will be besieged by their vituperations. I’ve already bounced at least ten of them today. If you aren’t familiar with their ranting, it’s worth your time to read some of what they spew. Don’t spend too much time since their intellectual level is primal scream. I’m quite ardent about my own commitments but hatred is no part of them. Their politics, which are fundamentally fascist, focus on hatred for Zionists, ‘jihadis’, White Helmets, “terrorist whores” & their hatred is intensely personal. Their language is abusive & the character of it deranged because what they really hate is Jews, women, Muslims, Arabs, or anything that makes their favorite dictator look bad.

It was Che Guevara who said ‘revolutionists are inspired by great feelings of love’ for other human beings. The fact that Assadists are so driven by hate signals their association with the nefarious forces of fascism.