Had to repel a brief infestation of Assadists who are indistinguishable from the criminally deranged or swarming locusts. One called me a “terrorist whore”, another called for rounding up all the ‘jihadis’ in Idlib for a mass beheading, & another said ‘jihadis’ are cannibals who eat the fresh hearts of old men, women, & children. They’ve been listening too much to Bartlett & Beeley, Fares Shehabi, & Kevork Almassian. It’s one thing when the certifiably deranged repeat the crazy-ass stuff of Assad propagandists but it’s another when Tariq Ali, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky, & other √©minences grises do too. If we’ve learned one thing from this travesty of betrayal, it is never to defer judgement to prestige. Always study politics & do your own thinking based on principles.