The welfare of children is the most important measure, one could call it the gold standard, for justice. That welfare, which is a human principle, is not circumscribed by national borders. But the US incarcerates refugee children in concentration camps, denies them medical care & schooling, physically, emotionally, & sexually abuses them. Bangladesh denies Rohingya children the right to an education which can give them not just a vision & dreams of a better life, but can help them understand how to fight for their human rights. That’s why education has always been a priority for the oppressed. It is not a coincidence that in Black Reconstruction in the US, it was former Black slaves who instituted free public education for all children. It is not a coincidence that free public & desegregated education is now under attack in the US. Education should be considered a fundamental human right for all children & any & every truncation of that right should be loudly denounced.

This is not a new issue for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh since they have always been denied access to education beyond primary schooling. Media reports claim it is a way to discourage any sense of permanent residential rights among refugees & that may play a part. But it is primarily a way to keep Rohingya refugees in a subordinate position, to discourage their fight for human & democratic rights.