Despite the scurrilous presentation of Palestinians as terrorists, this is a good article about Israeli human rights lawyer Lea Tsemel who for nearly 50 years has defended them in Israeli courts. In the mid-1970s, I managed the NYC townhouse of George Weissman, a socialist editor who had moved to New Hampshire. Prominent socialists from around the world frequently stayed at his home. As a young working class woman, feminist, & socialist idealist, I was appalled at the snobbery, elitism, & rudeness they exhibited, often treating me as a servant rather than a peer. (I then & now consider egalitarianism the ethos of socialism without which it is going nowhere.) But not Lea Tsemel. She was blunt-spoken, earthy, witty, warm-hearted, & didn’t have an ounce of arrogance or attitude toward me or toward others she dealt with while staying at the house. In politics, attitude matters so it is no surprise to me that nearly 50 years later she is still defending Palestinian activists. She would be the first to take issue with the portrayal of Palestinians in this article.