If you want to get insight into the savagery of US colonization of Hawaii, there is a Netflix movie titled “The Island Murder” about a 1931 case in Honolulu where a disturbed socialite married to a naval officer made a false accusation of rape against five Native Hawaiian men. Their trial was declared a mistrial but her socialite mother, with connections to the most influential figures in the US, kidnapped one of the falsely accused men & murdered him for refusing to save his own neck by bearing witness against the others.

The psychopathic socialite, her equally psychopathic mother, & navy officer husband were put on trial with Clarence Darrow (of Scopes trial fame) as their lawyer. (He was known as a progressive lawyer but took the case because he lost his savings in the stock market crash & needed the dough for retirement.) They were found guilty & sentenced to ten years but the white governor of Hawaii commuted their sentence to one hour spent sipping tea & champagne in his office. Then they were forced to leave Hawaii & were welcomed in the US as celebrities.

It’s just a horrifying story & this documentary really captures the racist hatred & white supremacy that prevailed in the US up until the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. The reclaiming of Hawaii by its indigenous peoples from affluent white invaders remains one of the great unfinished struggles in US politics. In so many ways it resonates with the struggle of Palestinians because Hawaii is also a colonial-settler state like Israel.