It should make those who promote Putin as as a champion of the people & military bulwark against “Wahhabi jihadi terrorists” uncomfortable that Italian rightwing extremists carry his image in banners against refugees & against Roma & Sinti citizens of Italy. The banner quotes him sounding just like Trump: “Immigrants, only within the strict rules of the law, those who do not respect the rules will be banned from the country.”

This photo is a Northern League (now called the League party) rally in Milan in October 2014 against an immigrant “invasion.” League leader Matteo Salvini, now Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of the Interior, has been turning away African refugee boats from Italian ports & is engaged in a campaign to deport Romani & Sinti residents, over half of whom are Italian citizens.

Those who believe the Mueller investigation vindicated Putin from a witch-hunt are on the same political trajectory as Salvini who began his political career as a Stalinist.

(Photo by Marco P. Valli/Cesura)