This shell-shocked six-year-old girl in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria waiting to be rescued by White Helmets from the rubble of Syrian & Russian bombing must be who fascist & Assad propagandist Kevork Almassian referred to as “Islamist terrorists” when he tweeted, “The Syrian Army sends text messages calling on civilians in the countryside of Hama & Idlib to leave before an imminent military offensive against the Islamist terrorists.” Or was she one of the tens of thousands of civilians who didn’t receive the text? Under her knee you can see the hand of her three-year-old sister who died because she also didn’t receive the text or was mistaken for an “Islamist terrorist.” Their one-year-old brother also died, as did a cousin.

It’s not too late for reluctant Assadists taken in by “regime change operation” propagandists to rethink their support for Assad & for Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. Even the best of people make whopping misjudgments in politics. Rather than turn a colossal misjudgment into a monstrous betrayal, it is wise to reconsider that position & stand with the Syrian Arab Spring uprising by opposing the Assad regime & all foreign military intervention in Syria.

(Photo by Anas al-Dyab, White Helmet)