So it seems there are those who would prefer I be a little more classy, a little more compromising, a lot less outspoken, more mellow in my criticisms, & more focused on just one issue. I’ll be 75 years old this year & my indignation has only grown with the feeding so fat chance that I will mellow out. Either you accept it or you shove off. There ain’t no way I’ll accommodate those who want a kinder, gentler radicalism just for more likes or followers on social media.

As for being single issue, that isn’t how I see the world. I’m a socialist & see the world in chaos because of the predatory nature of the economic, political, & military system of capitalism. There’s a connectedness to all the wars, occupations, genocide. If you don’t share my holistic view of things please don’t hang around my wall being annoyed or appalled. There are many who’ve tried to change me, including through firing, ostracizing, or badmouthing me. But after over five decades as an activist, I am one tough cookie & don’t give a damn about all that. My life commitment is to speak the truth as I see it & stand opposed to oppression which I detest & know so well. If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to unfriend or unfollow me.