“Just watched some horrible videos containing violence, threats, abuse and vandalism against Kashmiris in Haryana, Bihar, Jammu and elsewhere. I have decided against sharing the video footage. In one such video a Kashmiri mela is attacked by a group of goons in Bihar, who damaged shawls, blankets and abused Kashmiris and gave them 24-hour ultimatum to leave Bihar. In another video, through a public address system all landlords were ordered to kick out Kashmiri tenants within 24 hours. In Jammu we all know what they have done to Kashmiris. Despite such horrors of violence we must exercise restraint and show tolerance and grace. Their hatred will devour them. Our grace and civility will prevail. We are on the right side of history.”

–Gowhar Geelani on the violent nationalist assaults against Kashmiris