February 11th is Maqbool Bhat Day in Kashmir. Maqbool Bhat was a leading figure of the Kashmiri freedom struggle who was executed by hanging in a New Delhi jail in 1984 at the age of 46. Indian authorities still refuse to return his body to Kashmir for respectful & honored burial. Refusing to return his body is not just politically vindictive but indicates the Indian government’s fear of the scale of tribute by Kashmiris to such a monumental figure. He stands among the greatest freedom fighters in human history & should be honored by all humanity. He once said “For us, azadi means not just getting rid of foreign occupation of our beloved motherland but also to remove hunger, poverty, ignorance & disease & to overcome economic & social deprivation. One day, we shall achieve that azadi.”
In this video, Kashmiri musician MC Kash dramatized a brilliant 1974 “I have a dream” agitational speech by Maqbool Bhat calling for self-determination.


(Photo is placard with image of Maqbool Bhat from 2017 protest in his home town)