Sophisticated apologists for the repressive Maduro regime are circulating a five-year-old article by an uncritical apologist for Maduro (Mark Weisbrot) claiming that the unarmed protesters in Venezuela are all middle-class. That makes it okay to shoot them? It was demonstrably not true five years ago & it is indisputably not true of protesters today. To make that claim is beyond criminality. Why can’t these sophisticates oppose US military intervention without sucking up to dictators like Assad or repressive tyrants like Maduro?

Calling Maduro out for political repression, corruption, & anti-working class policies does not compromise with US military aggression or make concessions to the hypocrisy of European countries who remain silent about the Rohingya genocide & are guilty of war crimes in several countries. It is the only principled way to stand with the working people protesting Maduro while also opposing US intervention. To rah-rah for Maduro as they do for the murderous Assad is the very essence of betrayal of working people.