“Waiting for the door to open outside the Maharaja’s palace, I was deeply engrossed in the enchanting view around me, when suddenly the thought of the Maharaja, with whom the malignancy of this beautiful valley took birth facilitated by a chain of collaborators till date sent a chill down my spine. This entire white drape seemed to be sprinkled with red stains of blood ,some old clots as old as seventy years and some fresh as fresh as the snow itself. Though it was just a perception, but the thought was based on the prevailing truth. Per day at least two young buds fall prey to the bullets of oppression , but the thirst for blood seems far from being quenched. I stood up and looked at the clear sky with a question in my eyes, how much blood does my homeland require to be liberated? A quick reply came from my heart, When Allah says, Be! It happens.”

Shajarat U Durr

(Photo is of Shajarat sitting in front of the palace of Maharaja Hari Singh, the last king of independent Kashmir.)