It cannot be said strongly or often enough that every time we do not act to oppose the laws–now operating in 26 US states & being made a law by the US Senate) making support for the cultural & economic boycott of Israel a felony, we are not just weakening Palestinian solidarity but undermining the US Bill of Rights which is the foundation of American democracy.

We need to form local, state, & national coalitions to systematically oppose & defeat these attacks on free speech, free association, the right to assembly, the ability to build solidarity against war, occupation, genocide. If we do not, we will be forced to abandon the Black community (where systematic & egregious violations of the Bill of Rights have been unchallenged for over 35 years) & Palestinians who these laws have in their crosshairs & all the rest of us will be completely disarmed against the advance of tyranny in this country.

Palestinians are fighting a life & death battle against genocide. Either we move into action to oppose these anti-BDS laws or they again will stand alone.

(Photo of young man at Great Return March by Mustafa Hassona)