We scoffed when fascist Eva Bartlett said “I’ve been to Syria (embedded with the Syrian Army) & everything media tells you is a lie.” Now those who support US military intervention in Venezuela are using the same line. They claim, just as Assad propagandists Bartlett & Beeley did, that if we haven’t been to Venezuela or don’t know a Venezuelan that our opposition to US war is knee-jerk, unthinking ‘isolationism’. I’ve been an antiwar activist since 1966 & have studied every one of their damn countless wars but I haven’t been to a single one of those countries because my working class jobs did not make that possible. We don’t have to know the landscape of a country to understand US militarism or why the US is going to war against them. Or what are libraries for? In most of those wars, the antiwar movement has actively collaborated with activists within the country being bombed.

That the antiwar movement collapsed over Syria is not a surprise since the left went right over 40 years ago & no one has written a cogent analysis of that process & complex phenomenon. Ironically, it is Stalinism which thrives despite the collapse of the USSR. But that has everything to do with the convergence of Stalinism with fascism. They have finally found their natural habitat & hopefully their final resting place in hell.

No US war against Venezuela! It is up to Venezuelans to settle their score with Venezuelan capitalism led by Maduro.