Justin Trudeau, who usually expresses his fake emotions with buckets of crocodile tears, is fulminating up a storm against Maduro’s “illegitimate dictatorship” responsible for ‘terrible oppression the likes of which South America has not seen in a very long time’ & for a massive refugee crisis. Maybe he doesn’t know about the US economic & military role in Chile, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, & Nicaragua that has sent hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing north to the US. But contrast his vituperations against Maduro to his approach to Saudi Mohammed bin Salman who beheads & dismembers dissidents & has been bombing Yemen for almost four years. In a face-to-face exchange, Trudeau told bin Salman “better answers about the killing of Jamal Khashoggi are required.” How hard-hitting can you get!? He also “pushed” the issue of bombing Yemen to smithereens. Hard to push that issue too hard though since much of the heavy weaponry used by Saudi Arabia came from Canada.

This photo of Trudeau with Aung San Suu Kyi was taken in June 2017 after the 2012 onslaught against the Rohingya people which sent tens of thousands fleeing for their lives; after the 2015 crisis where 25,000 Rohingya refugees fleeing in boats remain unaccounted for in the Andaman Sea; after the 2016 renewal of violence in Arakan state & the 2017 onslaught had already begun. We won’t blame Trudeau that it took Canada many months & hundreds of thousands more Rohingya refugees to revoke Suu Kyi’s honorary citizenship. But we do wonder why Trudeau, since he cares so much about human rights, has not pulled Canadian mining operations out of Burma or imposed sanctions on the country? Canada could also offer asylum to thousands of Rohingya but has only offered to take a limited number, including victims of sexual violence. Why limited since he cares so much about human & refugee rights?

This is not a defense of Maduro but a protest against Trudeau’s war mongering & crocodile-tear hypocrisy.

(Photo from Trudeau’s Twitter wall, June 2017)