It appears that Stalinists, Assadists, libertarians, & confusionists are all on the same side as principled antiwar activists on the issue of US military intervention in Venezuela. It’s likely we will be rallying with them against US saber-rattling. That’s the chaotic nature of politics when you can no longer distinguish the left from the right. But what distinguishes our opposition to US war from theirs is that their concern is regime-change & ours is the carnage of war faced by civilians. We are not defending the repressive regime of Maduro; we are opposing US war against Venezuelans. It is up to them to settle their differences with the Venezuelan government.

The US has no rights of any kind whatsoever to meddle in the affairs of another country. Stalinists, Assadists, et al, really aren’t concerned about the affects of war on civilians as we know so well from Syria where they glorify Assad & demonize civilians he gasses & barrel bombs as all ‘Wahhabi/Salafi jihadi terrorists’. Their sole concern is maintaining the power status quo in international politics with emphasis on supporting the most repressive regimes & vilifying protests against them as fascist.

It isn’t possible to have a united antiwar movement with such reactionary political forces but it is possible to have united antiwar actions demanding “US hands off Venezuela.” Factionalism & differences even of such magnitude cannot deter us from opposing US wars.

Photo is National Police in Caracas shooting tear gas at protesters.

(Photo by Rayner Pena/picture alliance via Getty Images)