If ever I win the lottery I will dedicate some of the proceeds (after Palestinians, Rohingyas, Kashmiris, & Bhopal) to overturning the Texas laws requiring quarantine for animals. There are far more humane ways to deal with animals that may be diseased. I went to see my little Annie, a tiny Chihuahua, at the animal control penitentiary. She was in a cold area & the closest I could get was four feet through two layers of fence. They advised me that she could contact other contagious diseases or fleas & ticks by being there. Annie of course was crying her heart out & trying to get to me. I can’t bring any other of the dogs to visit her but that wouldn’t comfort her anyway.

I brought her blankets, toys, & treats. They only give dry food which she doesn’t like but told me I could add a homeopathic remedy for fear & trauma to special food I’ll bring her.

This practice of incarcerating terrified animals (they also do it to birds & cats) is absolutely inhumane & not up to standards of animal welfare. But what am I complaining about? They do even worse to refugee children.