I have nine friends in common with a guy named Jayant Bhandari who said:

“My experience based on having run three companies in India is that there is not much, if at all anything, you can do about the under-class. Fear of ghosts, and superstitions–and over-whelming irrationality–is hardwired in them. They simply have no passion to do well in life, accumulate and build a civilization. They want to make money quickly, and use it for decadence. They have no gratitude, and you can do nothing about it. They have no capability to be respectful. The only thing that makes them toe the line is the fear of the higher-ups. If you remove this fear, they go wild. Carrots and sticks do not work, for they cannot calculate. You can give them all you can, and they will merely expect more, as a right. “Domestication” of the low-IQ population did happen in Europe, but fails in the Third World, for the ecology is wild and uncivilized. The Third World can ONLY be managed, the way the British did when they ruled India. Am I too off the reality?”

He also said: “In my view, the West was historically patriarchy. It is under patriarchy that women get the most freedom and respect. The Middle East and the Indian sub-continent are fundamentally matriarchies. Matriarchy results into misogyny. It is women-against-women misogyny. Matriarchy results into competition among women for the attention and affection of men, resulting into misogyny. In societies where men do not respect women, it is primarily women’s responsibility to bring up kids. Most females I have known would rather have male bosses. The real culprit behind misogyny are women, not men. So, contrary to conventional wisdom promoted by “feminists”, if women want liberty, respect and civilization, they should be striving for patriarchy.”
Lastly, he defended DNA scientist James Watson for racist claims that Blacks have genetically lower IQs than whites.

It’s not really my business who my friends associate with on social media but when three of them “liked” & approved these hateful comments, they made it my business. I see no point at all in further collaborations & have unfriended them.