Just a little background on John Cornyn, the second Texas US senator who met Trump & Cruz at the US southern border today: in 2014, he & a local US congressman Henry Cuellar campaigned to deport (without offering asylum) unaccompanied refugee children coming across the border by the thousands. They monstrously associated the children with prostitution & drug trafficking.
When they held a press conference here to promote mass deportation of the kids, many Latinos who looked like they might be protesters were prevented from entering the room. Using the old white lady card, I pretended to be press & when it came time for questions took a chance to challenge them. They blithered in response since malice, much more than intelligence, is the sine qua non of US politicians.

This video is the press conference. If you go to 12:30 you can hear me challenging the two nimrods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?