Others may not appreciate my posts about Betty Windsor & the British moochocracy because they consider them mean. Is there a problem with that when we’re still trying to undo the damage from centuries of British colonialism? Feudalism is rooted in the moronic belief that some are born superior & the rest of us inferior. Posting against moochocracy is my small way of spitting in the eye of such delusions.

Charlie Windsor, who had his 68th birthday on Monday, may be the only feudal mooch that merits pity. He doesn’t have the horse track for distraction like Betty & Camilla & isn’t a flatulent halfwit like his father Phil.

If you’re going to be born to a life of indolence, stupid is an asset–the shallow depths of which have been plumbed over & over again, if not pioneered, by the Windsor clan. They cannot be blamed entirely for that since stupid seems to be the historic hallmark of feudal social relations. All that blue blood crap rots the brain.

Our man Charlie seemed to have more going for him. There was real promise & if his personal valet had ever taught him how to brush his own teeth or wipe his own butt he might well have developed beyond hapless.

Charlie’s post as “Prince of Wales” comes with the motto “Ich dien” (German for “I serve”). Why it’s in German & why a guy who’s waited on hand & foot would have such a motto is anybody’s guess. If you research it, you’re a damn fool. But you will find out it has to do with ostrich feathers, jousting, & other tomfooleries of feudalism still extant centuries beyond its historical usefulness. Didn’t Karl Marx talk about that somewhere?

Recently we heard he & Camilla had pulled off a palace coup in Buckingham & exiled Betty & Phil. That may be one of those fake news stories that FB & Google are so worried about. That’s why you could only learn it in the checkout line at the supermarket.

Here Charlie is confronted with a teddy bear. Betty never allowed the poor boy toys. Instead she gave him military medals for battles he never fought in so he’s entirely nonplussed as to whether it’s real or not. Why won’t the damn thing talk back to him & call him “your royal highness” like all his other minions?

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–Originally posted November 17, 2016