List of Rohingya demands sent to Aung San Suu Kyi:

1) Our ethnic identity “Rohingya” must be recognised as an official ethnic group as before 1970s.

2) Our return to our homeland in Rakhine State must be protected by international observers.

3) International protection must be placed in our homeland before we return.

4) Our houses in original villages must be rebuilt before we return.

5) We seek compensation and reparations for lives lost, injuries inflicted and harm caused. We seek compensation and reparations for the properties we lost and we demand the return of confiscated lands since 1992.

6) All Rohingya prisoners in various prisons must be released.

7) All internally displaced persons in Sittwe and other towns must be able to return to their original places and homes.
Appropriate compensation and reparations must be given and, not least, their full citizenship must be restored before we agree to return to our homeland.

8) Innocent Rohingya must be removed from the terrorist list arbitrarily made by Myanmar authorities.

9) Full citizenship of Rohingya must be restored and all restrictions must be lifted.

10) Issuing National Verification Card must be stopped, and this system must be abolished.