Listen to this scary-assed Pentagon guy describe the military build-up on the southern US border as if they were expecting hordes of armed thrill killers infected with the bubonic plague to be rushing the border at any moment. The Honduras/Guatemala caravan of several thousand men, women & children are farmers, working people, refugees, not criminals & they are not bearing arms.

When you hear the plans laid out here for militarizing the border, it becomes clear just how threatening this is not only to the young mothers & little kids presently seeking asylum or to the caravan but to the entire system of democracy in this country. If they can do this to families seeking asylum, they can do this to the Black, Latino, & Native American communities, to striking workers, & peaceful protesters. This is a call to arms. What is needed is massive mobilizations all over this country, all over the world, & at the border itself demanding immigrant & refugee rights & free & safe passage to all. No human being is alien to us.