An extreme rightwing fascistic guy named Jair Bolsonaro just won the Brazil elections for president. When protests begin against him, we predict a Max Blumenthal interview claiming they’re regime-change protesters bankrolled by the US rather than working people protesting Brazil’s rapacious neoliberal economic programs. That’s our boy’s schtick: shilling for dictators & tyrants. As the son of Sydney Blumenthal, the rotten apple doesn’t fall from the rotten tree.

In 2012-13, during Dilma Rousseff’s tenure as president, there were protests all over the country numbering in the millions against Brazil’s neoliberal projects. Those (ongoing) projects included massive dispossession of indigenous tribes, hydroelectric & strip mining projects, agribusiness projects, environmental devastation, building sports stadia for the World Cup & Olympic games rather than affordable housing for the millions of homeless & slum dwellers. Brazilian Stalinists began circulating claims that the protesters were fascists organized by the rightwing to bring down the Rousseff regime. That slander went viral on social media & undercut international support for the protests. It can be said without exaggeration that through their slanderous campaign those Stalinist political forces–the same ones shilling for the Assad & Putin regimes–helped set the stage for this election. It should also be said that the election does not represent the majority voices of the Brazilian people since the elections are probably just as rigged as the 2016 & upcoming 2018 US elections. The majority of eligible voters probably were denied the right to vote (as Blacks & Native Americans in the US) or didn’t bother to vote.