It is not true that if people don’t vote for Democrats in this election they “deserve the government they get” or will be responsible for the rise of fascism in the US. Since when have politicians ever, anywhere, held back the tide of rightwing ascendancy? The majority of Americans eligible to vote don’t bother to even register. Not because they’re indifferent to the outcome but as a protest because they believe there isn’t a modicum of difference between the two parties. Not on inequality, poverty, immigration, war, genocide. Stop guilt-baiting those who don’t cling to illusions about the Democratic Party. The only way society anywhere has ever changed in a progressive way is when masses of working people enter the political arena on their own behalf. If fascism is an imminent threat in the US, it is time to mobilize by the millions, not cry wolf over routine elections for corrupt & compromised millionaires with hats full of empty promises.