A humane & universal anthem of protest by Kashmiri Shafaq Muzafar:

Who are the people that voted? Who are those who wanted to be voted? Who are informers? Who are silent detectives? Who fires? Who enjoys this business? Whose job is to keep it going for a hundred more ages?
Who cares for the humans? Who wants a mechanical money money world?
May doomsday be near or they all behave as a greedless human with a heart and morals to make this world a okay type place to live in.
May all the ammunition and whatsoever harms life on earth perish or just evaporate.
May every human be able to breathe and die a natural death.
May the borders and the cold wars end.May these neo colonial strategies of the first world countries surrender and all the third world nations behave as they ought to with full economic and geographical independence.
Truly the novel surfacing taught me while I was growing up American is the biggest terrorist organisation.
Let’s learn to unlearn what is wants us to relearn. Let’s go back to our roots when we together fought against those white emotionless self praised Raj’s. Surely we didn’t fought for such a India or such a Pakistan..let’s stop sandwiching our Kashmir. Let’s care for the people on it and the land. After all is there anyone who will take the riches with him or her when he/ she dies?
Let’s surrender our ego and open our eyes to the injustices anywhere and everywhere. Let’s fight united against it unless justice is granted. Wake up my dear Indians join your hands with Kashmiris …help us rule our native land. Let all forces go back. Let achay din prevail everywhere! Other wise be ready to feel and witness The HORROR The HORROR.