Several Hindutva nationalists invaded my wall to defend desecration of the bodies of Kashmiris gunned down by Indian occupying forces. One named Anil Kumar Chaudhary claimed “terrorists” have hidden explosives in their body & dragging them with ropes is an army security precaution. No one ever said nationalism attracts those with any higher powers of thought. Donald Trump would be the example par excellence of that. One named Mani Sai even called for gunning down my Kashmiri friends. There’s nothing to be learned from their rantings. Hate is irrational in every language. I don’t think it’s respectful to my Kashmiri friends to allow their vituperations so I just block & delete them along with all the nationalist jackasses who like their comments. After they’re gone, I’d have to hire an exorcist to clear the toxic miasma generated by hate–& exorcists charge exorbitant prices for cleaning up after nationalists–but it’s easier to stomp on their nationalist pea brains with the block button.