It’s not that easy to get information on which companies are investing in Burma. The country is trying to modernize its economy from the military-capitalist model to an amalgam with neoliberal policies. Part of that is investing massively in tourism–kind of a Caribbean model writ large complete with golf courses & upscale shopping malls. This article, which cites Rohingya activist Ro Nay San Lwin, reveals that Starbucks, Coca Cola, Pepsi, & Krispy Kreme donuts are among those with or planning outlets in Burma to cash in on the neoliberal gold rush partly generated by genocide.

With the exception of Krispy Kreme, those other companies are on the Palestinian BDS list of companies to boycott. A boycott of them for apartheid in Israel would correspond strongly with a boycott of them for accommodation with genocide in Burma & mutually benefit both Palestinians & Rohingyas. We needn’t wait for a formal boycott call from Rohingya activists but can try to find out who else is making hay in Burma at the expense of the Rohingya people & begin boycotting them, complete with protest letters to their headquarters.