One of the places I’ve been looking for work is home health care agencies where you work with seniors in their homes doing cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. On a tip, I phoned one agency called Helping Hands to ask if they were hiring. The woman on the phone said they had one position in the home of an elderly man & without asking me to come in & apply, without vetting my references or work history, she gave me his address & said to just drive over & interview with him. She could not phone him since he had no working phone. So if I was a predator–& preying on the elderly is a serious social problem & booming industry in the US–I now know where a vulnerable old man lives without access to a phone for emergencies or calling the police. After her recklessness sunk in, I phoned her back & read her the riot act, threatening that if I reported her, the agency could be in serious trouble with the state. Those agencies get paid at least $25 an hour by families or the state to protect the elderly, not throw them to the wolves.