Some schnook showed up on my wall to insult me in rather ugly terms for not eulogizing McCain the war criminal. He claimed it was my white privilege that didn’t allow Syrians to “clutch at straws” with hope in US militarism. Don’t stick your bullshit on unspecified Syrians. Enough with the guilt-baiting. There’s nothing wrong with being white but there is something wrong with being delusional about the character of the US Pentagon. I am absolutely certain that many Syrians harbor no such foolish delusions after Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, & over 25,000 US bombs in Syria. As for that white privilege thing, we can spend hours swapping privilege charges. After all, I’m white but you’re male or you’re rich & I’m poor & all that baloney. It’s a political method that goes nowhere. If you haven’t more cogent reasons for defending McCain the war criminal–& of course you haven’t–then that privilege thing makes you look pathetic. Don’t try to pawn it off as the voice of the Syrian revolution.