Another everyday miracle: because of the expense, I’m moving my library & other belongings down to McAllen in shifts. On Wednesday, the movers phoned to say they would be at the storage facility in San Antonio in 30 minutes & I had to be there to receive it. From here, that’s a four-hour drive but I persuaded them to give me at least three hours to get there so they wouldn’t charge me $800 extra for storage. I had no time to check my tires, etc. & hit the road at 75-miles an hour all the way. That happened smoothly enough.

About an hour into the return trip, my car began billowing white smoke & shaking like a leaf over 60 mph. I slowed down, tried not to panic, & called on those many blessings I receive from Kashmiri friends. The car stopped smoking & trembling but I knew I was treading on thin ice & was very grateful for arriving home safely. Thursday, I took the car in for inspection & was told it smoked because the oil was over-filled & two threadbare tires were causing the shaking. The garage wouldn’t even allow me to leave their premises without putting on the temporary tire because they could imminently blow out. Thank you to my Kashmiri & other friends who keep me in their blessings.

July 22nd