Israelis protest Jewish nation state law ( Abir Sultan:EPA) July 20 2018

The Israeli parliament just passed a law defining Israel as the “nation state of the Jewish people.” That is the political vision of Zionism, a rightwing movement that emerged out of a supremacist view of Jews rather than a commitment to freeing Jews from persecution. Rather than join with political forces opposing racism & colonialism, Zionist ideologues joined the forces of racism & social hatred to broker a compromise with colonialism at the expense of Palestinians. In that regard, Zionism has written its own obituary because the future of humanity depends on winning the long struggle against racism & colonialism & not in brokering compromises with it.

Some commentaries have called this law a symbolic act but it will lead to greater persecution of Palestinians in Israel & escalated violence & expropriations in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, & Gaza. We cannot be daunted by this act of provocation by the Knesset but must increase our efforts to build BDS which is having a powerful impact on Israel economically & politically.

These protesters are Israelis opposing the apartheid law with placards reading “This house belongs to all of us.”

(Photo by Abir Sultan/EPA)