All the socialists from my youth who became Zionists try to cover their retreat from principled politics by blithering about Hamas–as if the politics of Hamas mitigates the justice of the Palestinian struggle against colonialism, apartheid, genocide. After the massacre of unarmed Palestinian protesters, these same wretched souls are silent as a clam because you cannot justify that slaughter & still call yourself a socialist. They won’t criticize Israel & they refuse to defend Palestinians. They have a certain pompous image of who they are & see themselves as champions of the oppressed–though most haven’t done a damn thing for over 40 years. It’s likely they don’t watch Fox News but just as surely as Tucker Carlson, they are as racist & reactionary on Israel as American evangelicals or any ordinary redneck. You can’t buy into the rhetoric of the hateful war on terror & still call yourself progressive. That’s as true about Palestinians as it is about Syrians, Kashmiris, Rohingyas, Filipino Moros, Uyghurs. Amen.