A fascist of the Beavis & Butthead kind named Max Tang just posted on my wall a list of Russian propaganda & Assadist blogs denouncing the Rohingya genocide as fraudulent. With imbecilic pomposity, he said “It is the right of others with less bias to tell the truth instead of fools that only proselytize narratives along religious lines.” (He has such an endearing pedagogical way but the interpretation of this insult is: when one stands against the persecution of Muslims, one is peddling religious propaganda.) To clarify his meaning he said: “Whenever western governments & mainstream media start shedding crocodile tears over a minority community of peaceful Muslims being persecuted by some nasty non-Muslim government somewhere with demands that the international community do something about it. It should be treated with a big fat dollop of skepticism.” What he means is that when Muslims are persecuted, it should be applauded because most of them are head-chopping jihadi terrorists of the Wahhabi/Salafi kind.

Our fascist halfwit blithered on about regime change & the deep state (the concept of the deep state from its inception in Turkey was always a deeply Islamophobic, orientalist notion). Then he “suggests comprehension of things in a wider geopolitical context instead of just getting riled up over mere fanaticist feelings based on millenarianism démodé.” Démodé my ass! He thought all those improperly used words would confuse us but he had us at deep state & geopolitical which along with hating on Muslims & Jews are the fundamentals of Assadism. Every half-assed guppy to Assad’s propagandists talk this gibberish because they have no understanding of politics, of persecution & oppression, of war & occupation. All they know is the rhetoric of Zionism against Palestinians & its mimicry in the rhetoric of the war on terrorism. It is the language of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, & fascism. Rather than argue with this muddle-headed dope, I bounced him before I had to hire an exorcist.