Things may look extremely bleak for Rohingya refugees in those makeshift camps in Bangladesh, especially with the monsoons coming. With no citizenship rights, they can’t go back & with no papers, they can’t seek asylum elsewhere. Against genocide, incremental change is not to be lauded. But there is a significant change from 2012 when the genocidal onslaught against them was drowned out by the hoopla over Suu Kyi & the Nobel. Then, Suu Kyi was an international human rights superstar & it was “Rohingya who?” Today, Rohingya refugees are building a solidarity movement, brilliantly using social media as Kashmiris & Palestinians do, Suu Kyi has been disgraced as a genocidaire, & there is international respect for the Rohingya people. Time is never on the hands of social struggle. But while things are bleak, they are no longer hopeless. That makes all the difference in the world. Let us express our immense respect for Rohingya activists who are the ones making all the difference. In that regard we should honor the citizen journalists in Arakan state who played a central role in informing us but who have been exterminated by the Burmese military & its nationalist death squads. May they Rest In Peace after a life of honor.