We must talk….
Between the fight of wind and fire.
Between the sunrise and sunset.
Between the thunder storm and rain showers.
Between the anguish and pleasure.
Between the boundaries.
We must talk!
Before falling down.
Before the end of life.
Before getting drenched into evil.
Before becoming violent.
Before hugging the distances, fear.
Before defiling the earth.
Before making religion a roadblock.
We must talk!
Up in the air.
Up in the skies.
In an Open field covering with pine trees.
Up in the dark clouds.
Up in the another planet.
We must talk!
To be unique.
To be humble.
To spread humanity.
To spread love, kindness, knowledge.
To solve disputes.
We must talk!
In order to get back our greeny days.
To gain back essence of roses.
To rise again.
For touching the sky.
And we must talk!
Oh, yes…….by love. Up in the air with a cold breeze moving silently, under the moonlit.
We must talk!
We must talk!

–by Shahid Imran via Rollie Mukherjee