We really have to be scrupulous about the images we post, especially of children. In this era of photoshopping & fake news, those who take advantage of misrepresentations are genocidaires like Suu Kyi & Assad propagandists like Bartlett & Beeley. Children are the most frequent subjects of photojournalism in conflict zones like Burma, Kashmir, Palestine, & all the war zones. You cannot use an image of a child from one of those places as though he/she represented all victims of war, occupation, genocide because it will be & has been called out by the likes of Suu Kyi, Bartlett, Beeley, et al, to discredit all reporting. If the source of the photo is not identified, then do a google image search to find out where it came from. There are so many compelling images from conflict zones that there is no need to borrow them from others under false pretenses. It’s shoddy practice to treat victims as though they were all interchangeable propaganda pieces rather than human beings.