This is a cogent article on Syria written by a Syrian refugee living in the US. The only issue I take with it is the designation of “leftist” for antiwar & socialist activists (& sometimes longtime deadbeats) or their imposters who support the Assad dictatorship & carpet bombing of civilians. Maybe we need a new definition of left & right in politics since even Hillary Clinton is called left & calls herself the resistance. What the hell does leftist mean these days?

As historically defined, if you support dictatorship, colonialism, war, occupation, genocide, you are rightwing–the extremes of which are fascism, but which include Zionism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Assadism, white supremacy, every kind of stinking racism & elitism. Regrettably that means that those who support Assad & bombing civilians are far right, not leftists, no matter what kind of delusions they have in their pea brains.

It’s not too late for those who lost their way by following people like Tariq Ali, Vijay Prashad, Fisk, Pilger, Cook, Mackler, & the other degenerated leftists to reverse course & stand with the Syrian people against Assad & all his military allies. But it’s getting there. A good rule in politics driven home by the deplorable degeneration over the Syrian revolution is: don’t be an uncritical follower of big wheels who don’t know their ass from their elbow but ride the crest of old prestige. Those who support Assad because they’re driven by hatred of Muslims, Arabs, or Jews were always goners. Good riddance to them.