“Even doctors, who’ve been celebrated as heroes elsewhere in the world, report being harassed on their way to work in Kashmir, which already suffers an acute lack of medical resources and staff.


Limited access to information has also obstructed Kashmir’s coronavirus fight. The region uses 2G internet, an online connection so slow that it is nonexistent elsewhere in the world. Early in the pandemic, Kashmiri health care providers told the Indian news site The Wire it took them an hour to download international recommendations for COVID-19 patients in intensive care.”


–Stand With Kashmir


Amarnath Yatra, the militarized & politicized Hindu pilgrimage to a cave shrine in Kashmir, has been cancelled. Ostensibly cancelled due to the corona pandemic but more likely because it dramatized the Indian government’s reckless disregard for Kashmiri lives by hauling in tens of thousands of non-residents whilst Kashmiris are under quarantine.