Kashmiri journalist Aasif Sultan was arrested in September 2018 & remains in jail for an article he wrote profiling Burhan Wani. Today, photojournalist Masrat Zahra was charged with inciting youth with her powerful photos & Peerzada Ashiq, a journalist with The Hindu was summoned to be interrogated by a police official 40 km from his home in Srinagar. He has since been charged for an article which authorities claim was factually incorrect & which ‘could cause fear or alarm in the minds of the public’. An additional offense was that it was published without seeking approval from police authorities.
Clearly, India is accelerating its attacks on Kashmiri journalists who have been fearlessly protesting the repression for several years. Their courage equals that of Rohingya citizen journalists who reported from Arakan state whilst under genocidal siege from the Burmese Army & that of Palestinian journalists who report while being targeted by Israeli snipers.

A beautiful tribute to journalist Masrat Zahra by Aazib Manzoor:

“Masrat Zahra is everything this brutal state is afraid of:
She’s a Kashmiri, a defiant reporter, a truthful journalist and above all, an undaunted woman.  Her crimes are none but to speak what she sees and what she sees are the crimes of occupation.”

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Kashmiri photojournalist Masrat Zahra has been arrested & booked under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) & a FIR registered against her for social media posts that glorify ‘anti-national’ activities & have the criminal intent to incite youth to anti-national activities. She is a journalist of international renown whose work has appeared in leading media venues & who was arrested only for doing her job of reporting reality in occupied Kashmir.
An international clamor & defense must be organized for this courageous journalist in concert with a defense campaign for journalist Aasif Sultan who was arrested in September 2018 & remains in jail also for the crime of reporting reality in occupied Kashmir.

This is an article from September 2019 about Masrat in her own words which includes a gallery of her remarkable work:



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(Photo from several sources on social media)