“As the bodies were fished out of Delhi’s fetid canals, it became clear that some three-quarters of the victims had Muslim names. Most of the homes and businesses damaged in the riots belonged to Muslims. Yet the police seem to think that Muslims orchestrated it all. Hundreds have been rounded up for questioning on flimsy pretexts, say locals. In one example, a Muslim local Councillor who owns a tall building near the scene of some of the worst violence repeatedly called the police to plead for help, warning that his building was being invaded by a mob. He has since been charged with the murder of an undercover policeman whose body was found nearby.”

–The Economist, 13 March 2020 via Sandeep Vaidya

Now the world knows how it feels when you are forced to be locked down.

Now the world knows how it feels when you cannot go out with a fear of getting dead.

Now the world knows how it feels when your children cannot go to school and patients can’t reach to hospitals.

Now the world knows how it feels when you cannot get access to basic life amenities, food, and medicines.

Now the world knows how it feels when you cannot go to airport and can’t travel, and when you have to cancel all your plans and programs.

Imagine in this situation, when you cannot have access to news, newspapers, cable Tv etc., even no access to electricity most of the time. Kashmir experienced it.

Imagine in this situation, your mobile phone network and internet gets blocked. Yes, this was done to Kashmiris. Even after 7 months, prepaid connections and 3G/4G still blocked.

Very few (countries/individuals) showed the concern, many were silent, many justified the lockdown and many celebrated. We won’t forget.”

–Kashmiri Ashraf Bhat

It still fries me that so many Kashmiri activists were deleted from Facebook during the height of the lockdown. Jaina Maina is one whose campaigning & beautiful memes were important for months in educating about Kashmir. They questioned her pseudonym though she could damn well prove her identity. The use of pseudonyms are widespread now that employers snoop around social media to see what their employees are up to & what they think. They never took down ‘Honey Moon’ or ‘Sugar Pie” which are obviously false but only deleted political activists.

They tried to silence all Kashmiris but in the lockdown Kashmiris in diaspora & Kashmiri supporters stepped into the breach. In the process of trying to silence Kashmiris, India internationalized the Kashmiri struggle & drove forward the emergence of a solidarity movement. Nothing India does anymore, even with the help of its censors, will silence the voices of Kashmiri resistance.

Lest there be any confusion, I would never use terms like ‘idiot’, ‘moron’, or ‘imbecile’ in reference to anyone with a learning disability. The only reason their disability need ever be referenced is to assure they receive whatever social services they require to lead a full human life. Being an idiot, moron, or imbecile is a social characterization of elitist asses who believe they’re better than the rest of us because they’re white, male, without disability, or rich. Such privilege makes too many stupid. They can’t be called disabled when they’re really a social scourge. Trump is there to remind us that no pity, but only contempt, is due them.

For those who may have missed it, Kashmiri Neeth Nakash explained how toilet paper protects against the coronavirus. For any further questions on that score, please address him.

“Dear World,

Maybe this virus can help you identify better with what I’ve been through all these years: Cancellation of events, marriages, celebrations, drug shortages, restrictions, gag orders and bans.

A life – unpredictable !


–Kashmiri Zahid Shah

was Declared Pandemic by W.H.O. Yesterday..
As if it wasn’t enough,
FAROOQ ABDULLAH was Released by GOI today.
Such a Dangerous Cocktail.”

–فرحان رشید گندرو from Kashmir

“For Kashmiris Indian constitution always inflated false hopes, to find a way out of our crisis through the prism of Indian democratic way is utter nonsense. Just show me single proof in the Indian parliament since partition they ever condemn atrocities committed on Kashmiris, in fact, they approved gradual Genocide of Kashmiris and won majority to reform the Govt on the behest of killing us. There are many among us who believed Indian tyrannical system will listen to oppressed voice of impeccable people of Kashmiris, Once inducted in Indian politics, one has to remain incapacitated when it comes to addressing our issue.”

–Aahil Asif

Trump is eschewing the hand shake with diplomats & doing namaste in deference to coronavirus though he is the bearer of any number of other non-contagious diseases, like narcissism & imbecility. Namaste will never be the same again after appropriation by Trump imitating Modi. Yoga & meditation classes, massage & acupuncture sessions will now have to begin with a disclaimer: ‘Namaste, but not the Trump or Modi kind.’

(Photo of Trump doing namaste from ANI)