Aarif Sayed on Tulsi Gabbard & ‘Hinduphobia’:

“Here’s a fact check for you Tulsi…. Criticizing Modi and the attacks on Muslims in India is just as “Hinduphobic” as criticism of Israel for its war crimes against Palestinians is “Anti-Semitic”.

Two Palestinian kids from Gaza exhibit their coronavirus protection.

(Tweeted by Ameera Ahmed from Gaza via Humans of Kashmir)

Refugees attempting to enter Greece from northwestern Turkey have been assaulted by Greek border police, including with tear gas & water cannons, & yesterday in temperatures of 56 degrees Fahrenheit/50 degrees Celsius were forced to strip to their underwear & forced back into Turkey. More than 10,000 refugees are attempting to cross. These are war refugees, primarily from Syria, but also from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, & Palestine.

We can express our outrage till the cows come home & wring our hands like the UN does but unless we unite internationally to demand Europe, the US, & other nations open their borders for asylum–as they are required under international law–we will continue to see hundreds of thousands of refugees suffer a living hell for an indefinite future. We cannot just leave it up to immigration rights groups since their inaction & silence are thunderous.

Open the borders. No human being is alien to us.

(Photos from NurPhoto/PA Images)

This two-month-old infant’s name is Mira. She survived yesterdays Russian airstrikes in Maraat Misrin, Idlib but none of her family members did, leaving her orphaned in a war zone. According to Assadist & Stalinist propagandists & cultists, she is a terrorist & they fully support the genocide.

Demand the immediate cessation of bombing & the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces & mercenaries from Syria.

(Photo is a drawing from an actual photo which is too gruesome to post. By artist Marc Nelson)

Notice how the narrative of the Hindutva genocide against Muslims in northeast Delhi is presented here even though the headline is about a Muslim man watching his brother pulled from his home by a Hindutva mob, shot, & set on fire. The media is turning that reality into two-sided communal conflict implicating Muslims along with Hindutva mobs. It is a determined political & editorial policy to deny the realities of war, occupation, genocide against Muslims.
The death toll continues to rise from last week’s bloodshed.


‘Namaste’, the traditional Indian greeting of respect made by putting hands in a praying position & bowing, has made its way into many health & spiritual modalities, including those from China, Japan, & elsewhere in Asia. Most yoga classes begin & end with it. When the ‘Namaste Trump’ rally associated it with Hindutva ideology & the genocide against Muslims in northeast Delhi going on at the same time as the rally, it transformed that greeting from a term of respect into a salutation of Indian fascists. Before Hindutva ideology & practices are demolished, ‘namaste’ will be the least of its cultural, economic, social, & political devastations.

A Beverly Hills shrink named Sheenie Ambardar who calls herself the “happiness psychiatrist’ tweeted about an alleged incident in the US where an Uber driver harassed a Hindu passenger about the genocide against Muslims in northeast Delhi. Hindutva fangirl Tulsi Gabbard, who is still a candidate for US president, responded by tweeting: “Unfortunately, Hinduphobia is very real. I’ve experienced it directly in each of my campaigns for Congress & in this presidential race. Here’s just one example of what Hindus face every day in our country. Sadly, our political leaders & media not only tolerate it, but foment it.” Her tweet created the hashtag #Hinduphobia & unleashed Hindutva nationalists to protest against media coverage of the genocide as not just one-sided but hateful toward Hindus. Several insisted it was ‘Islamist mobs’ who attacked Hindus to take attention from the Modi-Trump summit.

Hinduphobia is a manufactured political malady. It does not exist in the US where in fact Hindu practices have long held pride of place in the world of alternative medicine, including yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, vegetarianism, New Age spiritualism, & libertarian politics. Sheenie Ambardar’s practice promotes all these whilst she also promotes her expertise in the happiness medications of psychopharmacology.

There may or may not have been a hostile encounter between a Hindu & an Uber driver but there is no generalized trend in the US nor likely most European countries where Hindus are targeted for discrimination or abuse. Gabbard, the favored candidate of many Assadists, Islamophobes, Zionists, & anti-Semites, is in the final stages of a moribund campaign & is simply attempting to whip up support among Hindutva partisans in the US so her campaign doesn’t fall completely on its ass.

(Photo is Twitter wall of Sheenie Ambardar. Although I have never followed her nor read her posts (since I detest charlatans) she apparently blocked me after Indian officials demanded I be suspended by Twitter.)

Kashmiri Rayees Rasool on India’s national winter games to be held March 7th to 11th in Gulmarg, Kashmir:

“When the world is on high alert and all they care about is human lives by cancelling all big small events. Government of India gave nod to the winter games in Gulmarg Kashmir where 1000’s of people are coming to witness ’All is Well in Kashmir’.

Government is inviting Corona virus to Kashmir with open arms so that they don’t have waste bullets for killing Kashmiris.”