“You can call it Union Territory, State of JK or whatever. Deep in our hearts Republic of Jammu Kashmir is embossed ❤️.”

–Kashmiri Tameem Nazir

There are many articles, not all of them useful, about India’s split of Jammu & Kashmir state into two federal territories which went into effect yesterday. The two Union Territories will be ruled directly from Delhi & governed by flunkeys from the Modi regime. This isn’t just about removing the Kashmiri flag & constitution but about land grabs, economic plunder, devastation of the environment, propaganda taught in schools, denial of religious freedom, fostering factional disputes, absolute fascistic control to destroy the struggle for self-determination. The question of the border region disputed between China & India remains uncertain.

This will place additional political & personal stresses on Kashmiris & requires the most steadfast commitment to solidarity actions & education.

With this reality in Kashmir, it is absolutely certain separatist militants are not on the prowl, dragging workers out of their homes, or threatening parents not to let their kids go to school, as the NY Times, BBC, & other media report. Given the immense scale of Indian Army hunt to kill operations over the past three years, most militants have already been killed along with hundreds of unarmed civilians.

Shutting down Kashmiri voices, including on social media, is necessary if the ‘war on terror’ narrative is going to be credible & effective. Let us speak frankly. Even ISIS (whose weapons pipelines can be shut down) is not a greater threat to humanity than the armies of India, Russia, Burma, the US-NATO, Turkey, Syria, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. The real war on terror begins & ends with rebuilding a principled antiwar movement to oppose militarism in all its manifestations.

Terrorism in Kashmir is solely Indian Army terrorism. Everything else is Kashmiri resistance to terrorism.

(Photo by Danish Ismail/Reuters)

India has nearly as many troops in Kashmir to repress 8 million Kashmiris as the US & Russia each have active duty soldiers & still it cannot destroy the spirit of resistance. Indian militarism is consuming resources that could be used to build a modern sanitation system, public schools, & provide for child welfare. In the long run, Indian militarism will be defeated but millions of human beings will have paid a terrible price. The struggle of Kashmiris includes the struggle for the soul of India against fascism.

Clashes Erupt in Kashmir

▶️Clashes broke out in Indian-controlled Kashmir's Srinagar, Tuesday, October 29, as protesters attacked a security vehicle with stones and bricks.👉The demonstrations have continued to take place nearly three months after India stripped the region of its semi-autonomous status and imposed a harsh security crackdown there.The protests come as a delegation of European Parliament members met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi ahead of a visit to the disputed Kashmir region to assess the ongoing situation. https://www.voanews.com/south-central-asia/police-gunmen-kill-5-indian-laborers-kashmir

Posted by Voice of America – VOA on Tuesday, October 29, 2019