This is an incredibly beautiful & powerful statement about the meaning of Azaadi by Kashmiri Mir Laieeq who is now living under the siege & blockade. He originally posted it on October 11th, 2017:

“Indian state despite its grave, unspeakable crimes against us, has not been able to kill our humanity, it has failed to make hatred the defining virtue of our struggle, despite its beastly behaviour we have not turned into beasts, instead we have retained our dignity and ethical fabric, despite being victims of an atrocious war imposed upon us we have maintained our moral compass, the humanitarian gestures like rescuing occupying soldiers even when most of them have been acting like savages is a reflection of who we are and what we aspire to be! In all this lies the biggest defeat of this oppressive state and our greatest victory, it also gives us hope that a free kashmir will not be built upon pathological hatred of the other, but upon the ideals of human fraternity, dignity and brotherhood. Kashmir today even in one of her most painful times has a lot of lessons to offer to Indians and world at large: we are willing to sacrifice our lives to achieve freedom but we won’t lose our morality in the process, we refuse to slip into savagery and hatred despite the cruelest provocations like killing and blinding of our children. As for us, Azaadi is not a mere destination but a means towards a more humane, just and ethical society…”

Once again, we hear the imbecilic call for a No Fly Zone in Syria to prevent Turkey from bombing the Syrian Kurds to smithereens. Those calling for a NFZ claim they are supporters of the Syrian Arab Spring. Why have they made no such call to prevent Russia & Syria from bombing Idlib to smithereens or prevent the US-coalition from using carpet bombing & white phosphorous on Raqqa? Who do those calling for a NFZ think should establish & enforce it? The very combatants turning Syria into a killing field? Do they make a mockery of us all by suggesting the US which just handed the Kurds over to the executioner? Those who think a NFZ is the answer to all the military problems raised in Syria have tiny little brains when it comes to politics & no good sense as well as complete ignorance of the copious literature, including by the military, on the NFZ which is a military tactic & an act of war. Worst of all, they hand Assadists & Stalinists a weapon to use against the Syrian Arab Spring & now the Kurds & that kind of imbecility is unforgivable.

Some are bristling at comparisons between the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination & that of the Kurds. I understand the indignation since the political character of those struggles are very different based on the character of the deals they got from colonialism & the compromises & betrayals of Kurdish leaders which are not unlike the betrayals of Kashmiri figures like the Abdullahs & Muftis. Since Syrian Kurdish leaders did not stand with the Arab Spring, I don’t accept a lot of the Rojava mythology. You cannot build an egalitarian society on outright betrayal of a freedom struggle. I also don’t find their alliance with the US against ISIS to be admirable since it involved the slaughter of so many civilians, especially at Mosul, Iraq & Raqqa, Syria. It might have been less destructive of human life if they had cut off the weapons supply lines to ISIS rather than bomb cities into oblivion. The Kurds however are not analogous with Zionists but are a people dispossessed of their homeland. They have a right to self-determination. We have a duty to oppose genocide against them.

“Erdogan slammed India for its military action in Kashmir.
India slammed Turkey for its military action in Syria.
If you you think that Erdogan stood for Kashmir, and Modi for Kurdish fighters, wake up from slumber.

–Amir Malik

International Day of Resistance for Kashmir: October 27th, 2019. Still over two weeks away so plenty of time to plan solidarity actions.

In an era when genocide has become pandemic, some are still blithering against ‘identity politics’? Identity is the message, the very essence of genocide & oppression. Those who vituperate against ‘identity politics’ are reactionaries who do not want the oppressed to defend themselves & who would never come out of their luxury suites to oppose it themselves.