This is a very cogent article about the strategy of Suu Kyi & the generals regarding the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. This is one of the more notable passages:

The most striking findings of a recently published analysis of satellite imagery from Rakhine State by the International Cyber Policy Centre at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute are that the government of Myanmar is still engaged in an active process of razing abandoned and/or burnt Rohingya villages (almost 400 villages in the past six months or so), while so-called preparations for accepting Rohingya returnees from Bangladesh are “minimal.”

“This is not the behavior of a state that understands it has committed genocide against one of its indigenous peoples and is looking to make amends. This is the behavior of a state that is putting the finishing touches on erasing every last physical trace that the Rohingya were ever in Rakhine State.”

Despite months of repeated appeals by BDS activists, Jennifer Lopez & her boyfriend A-Rod arrived in Israel early to tour before her performance tomorrow in Tel Aviv. In an Instagram post embellished with a heart & an Israeli flag she wrote, “The mother land Israel. First time I’m here. I’m in love! Energy off the charts!”
Lopez has just written herself & A-Hole into the BDS hall of shame by putting big bucks from Israel over the humanity of Palestinians. A big Bronx cheer to ‘Jenny from the Block’.

Putting aside the apologetics of sycophants like Ben Norton & Max Blumenthal who deny the Uyghur genocide & suck up to dictators everywhere, why does anyone disbelieve that China would incarcerate one million Muslims in concentration camps? It’s a bastion of sweatshops including child labor. It’s engaged in massive neoliberal plunder in Africa & elsewhere making it indistinguishable from colonialism. Why would the regime have any more respect for Muslims than it does for children, workers, Africans? Because it calls itself socialist?

When former J&K chief minister Mehbooba Mufti pretended to morph into a champion of azadi by tweeting an objection to India’s deployment of 10,000 more troops, Ahmed Bin Qasim, a Kashmiri whose parents are both political prisoners, responded on Twitter:

“What are you made of? If it is a political problem for you, then why did you send my mother to jail for dissent? Why did you provide impunity to bloodthirsty occupational forces? They provide security to quislings like you. Not us. For God’s sake, stop this drama.”

Ahmed Bin Qasim, a Kashmiri whose parents are both political prisoners, responded to former J&K chief minister Omar Abdullah pretending to morph into a champion of azadi by tweeting distress about the wrongful imprisonment of the Kashmiri men recently acquitted after 23 years in prison:

“You, abetted by your father, illegally detained my father. He has been behind bars for TWENTY-SIX years now. Will your family apologize for tearing apart my family? You won’t. But at least don’t stoop so low and use the ordeal of our prisoners for your pitiful politics.”