According to the Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS), almost 600 Kashmiris were killed by Indian occupying forces in 2018 making it Kashmir’s ‘deadliest year’ in a decade. One of those killed was an 8-month old baby. It is often referred to as a ‘low-intensity armed conflict’, a concept devised by US war strategists in the 1980s to describe US military aggression of a paramilitary nature in Central America. An occupation of nearly a million troops, the use of pellet munitions, & that kind of death rate can hardly be called low-intensity.

Do these Indian soldiers in Kashmir look ‘low-intensity’ to you?

(Photo from The News)

So many express admiration for Iran’s theocracy because it defies US sanctions. As if that defiance came from some higher purpose & not economic & political imperatives. What about it’s military intervention against the Syrian Arab Spring involving the slaughter of thousands of civilians? What about its repression in Iran of free speech; the arrest, torture, & rape of political prisoners; the killing, persecution, flogging, & jailing of journalists; freedom of religion; outlawing of homosexuality; mass trials of dissidents; compulsion to wear the veil? What about the annual conference it sponsors of fascists, holocaust deniers & other anti-Semites, 9/11 truthers & other conspiracy mongers? What about the sentence of human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh to 38 years & 148 lashes for speaking out against the compulsory veil for women? What about human rights?

(Photo of January 2018 protests in Iran against Iranian government which responded with riot police from The Quartz)

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall at the state dinner next June when Trump sits down to dinner with Betty Windsor & flatulent Phil? The conversation will combine Betty’s banalities & non sequiturs with Phil’s vulgarities & Trump’s imbecilities. White supremacy will be served as the main course with colonial braggadocio for dessert. Moochocracy meets its match in Trump.

NewsWars, an Alex Jones conspiracy site, & Unz Review, a white nationalist site that promotes eugenics, holocaust denial, & the David Icke theory of an international Jewish conspiracy for world domination, are already out claiming the fire at Notre Dame is a ‘neocon-Zionist false flag operation’ just like they consider 9/11. You can see, if you follow their derangement, how seamlessly that transitions into ‘war on terror’ rhetoric & how pernicious & pervasive their influence on Assadism. Those taken in by this intellectual swill have no where to go politically but hell.

In the criminal case against Assange, US prosecutors allege that he conspired with Chelsea Manning to commit “computer intrusion.” Who knew it was a crime for spying government agents & businesses who want to sell us something to track our every movement on the internet? So how do we get in on litigating this?

The family of Palestinian refugee Ismail Mohamed Falaha continues to appeal for information about their son’s whereabouts. Born in a Syrian refugee camp in 1987, he was arrested & forcibly disappeared by Syrian security forces in September 2011

Action Group For Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) has documentation that over 540 Palestinian refugees, including 34 women & many minors, died under torture in Assad’s gulag. Palestinians have been kidnapped at government checkpoints or during assaults carried out by government troops on Palestinian refugee camps & shelters. In most of these cases, the families received their relatives’ bodies from a military or government hospital wrapped in a plastic bag or a blood-stained piece of cloth.

(Photo of Ismail Mohamed Falaha from AGPS)

Kevork Almassian, a Syrian of Armenian ancestry, is one of Assad’s leading propagandists who runs the blog Syriana Analysis. In 2015, he immigrated to Germany & soon associated with Alternative for Germany (AfD), an extremist right nationalist, Islamophobic, & rabidly anti-immigration party with connections to the European fascist movement. He was recently hired as the social media expert for AfD MP Markus Frohnmaier. Almassian is a colleague of Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley & one of Bartlett’s most cited sources. She recently honored him for winning a rightwing journalist award also given to herself, Beeley, & the entire rogue’s gallery of Assad apologists: Rania Khaled, Max Blumenthal, Whitney Webb, Mint Press, Moon of Alabama, The Jimmy Dore Show, Gareth Porter, & Finian Cunningham.

This blog has an important analysis of Almassian’s politics & of the AfD that is important for understanding the place of Assadism within the fascist movement. The association will become more politically compelling since Assad’s defeat of the Syrian Arab Spring has destroyed the progressive movement which aligned with fascism to support him, discredited éminences grises like Tariq Ali, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky who support him, & will embolden the most Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, xenophobic & nationalist forces in world politics.

(Photo is of AfD political poster saying “Stop Islamization.”)

A legal victory in Texas against attempts to outlaw BDS & require oaths of allegiance to Israel: yesterday, a federal court ruled that a Texas law requiring government contractors to certify they are not engaged in boycotts of Israel or companies that do business with Israel is unconstitutional.