Scottish actor Gerard Butler recently made his fifth visit to Israel, this time to attend the premiere of his film “Hunter Killer” which opened October 26th. When in Israel, Butler was asked if he had been pressured by BDS activists to honor the cultural boycott or if he found it harder because of BDS to be pro-Israel. He answered, “All I know is I love Israel & I love coming here & I never worry for a pro or negative view on anything.” In speaking to Israeli media, he said “I always love being here. One day I’ll come here for vacation & just stay until I’m called elsewhere. I’ll ask someone to burn my house down in Los Angeles so I won’t have anywhere to go back to & I won’t have any choice but to stay in Israel.”

Butler’s love affair with Israel may have more to do with feathering his own nest than any ideological commitment to apartheid. That’s where being an opportunist dirtball takes you. Turns out Avi Lerner, the producer of “Hunter Killer”, is an Israeli with whom Butler has made five other films. The film’s distribution company, Summit Entertainment, is owned by Arnon Milchan, an Israeli billionaire & film producer. who was once an Israeli secret agent. In that capacity, by his own admission, he was an arms dealer operating 30 companies in 17 countries & brokering deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel. Shimon Peres, who was Israel’s president from 2007 to 2014 & architect of Israel’s nuclear weapons program in the 1960s, recruited Milchan as a nuclear agent. Milchan admitted to promoting the apartheid regime in South Africa in exchange for it helping Israel obtain uranium for its nuclear program. This is the company Butler keeps.

But in one of those be careful what you wish for–especially if you’re a dirtball–moments, Butler’s Los Angeles home burned to the ground a few weeks after his Israeli trip & just days after he was promoting & raising money for the occupying Israeli army enforcing apartheid & carrying out genocide against Palestinians. Couldn’t happen to a nastier piece of work. Anyone who would put his career as a second-rate actor over the human rights of the Palestinian people deserves a little bad karma in his life. That bad karma would mean including his movies in the cultural boycott of Israel.

Photo is one of umpteen photos Butler has taken over the years with Netanyahu & his loathsome family.

Last night, I watched a movie about the Jewish holocaust. It was a love story in the time of genocide & not a very good movie but it gave a small glimpse into the horrors of the holocaust. Denouncing the treacheries of Zionism can lead one to being callous about the pogroms & persecution of Jews & the holocaust & that is a very serious mistake. I’m reposting this from April 2014, just a few months before the seven-week Israeli bombing assault on Gaza. Zionism & Israeli apartheid & genocide cannot be justified by the holocaust. But we always need to sharply distinguish Zionism from the hatred of Jews which has led to such monstrous savagery. Based in supremacy, Zionism tries to separate Jews from the rest of humanity. We honor them as our own, as brothers & sisters in the struggle for a world free of such violence & hatred.
Zionism & its supporters have controlled the history of the holocaust under the Third Reich of Hitler & the Nazi party. They have done so in a way to maximize guilt & mystify the political & economic causes for such unspeakable horrors against millions of Jews.

Most importantly in their distortions, they have separated the holocaust of Jews from that of Roma, the disabled, & millions of others exterminated by the Nazi regime & in a grotesque & racist caricature of history, they proclaim over & over again that the Jewish holocaust was the worst genocide in all of human history. Millions of Native Americans throughout the western hemisphere, millions of Africans caught in the Atlantic slave trade, millions of Pacific Islanders & Asians caught in the tentacles of imperialism & colonialism going back centuries are simply brushed aside in the Zionist distortion of history.

Many Zionists are making quite a living out of what Norman Finkelstein calls “shoah business.” But the main purpose of this historic deceit & guilt-baiting is to justify forcibly wresting Palestinan lands, violently terrorizing millions into exile, & making Israel an exception to all of the achievements of civilized society.

Nevertheless, six million Jews did perish in monstrous ways. While Zionism is a contemptible ideology, those six million people are not responsible for that. The holocaust is a monumental human tragedy that should be commemorated–not based on a false history but on a recognition that they were our own & that “an injury to one is an injury to all” of humanity. That is not a trite sentiment because it requires a commitment to come to grips with the true causes of the holocaust in order to honor those who died.

Israel is not a solution to pogroms & holocausts; it is Zionism reproducing in Israel the political matrix & methods of the Third Reich.

We should stop a moment or more to remember the six million Jews, the Roma, the disabled, & the millions exterminated by imperialism & colonialism since its ignominious inception. We should bow our heads to their memory & commit ourselves to creating a world where such savagery cannot exist.

(Photo of Jewish children in concentration camp by unidentified photographer)

Am I the only one who has a hard time with those ‘the masses are stupid’ discussions? I thought we’d left all those sheeple-damners behind but more likely they’re among those dispatched to Facebook blockland.

One of Trump’s first recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom award yesterday was 73-year-old Miriam Adelson, the wife of 84-year-old Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul & arch-Zionist who with Haim Saban plays a leading role in promoting Israel & Zionism in the US. Miriam, who married Sheldon in 1991, is not just a trophy wife but an Israeli-trained doctor specializing in chemical addiction–& an arch-Zionist in her own right. She has used the casino wealth to build addiction treatment facilities in Las Vegas & in Israel.

Miriam was born in Palestine before the formation of Israel & Sheldon was born in Boston. They met when she came to the US for training in addiction medicine at Rockefeller University, NYC. What cemented their relationship was mutual rabid Zionism & realization that they could use gambling profits to impact US politics regarding Israel. Though their politics are considered even more right wing than AIPAC, they are among its largest donors. They also bankroll Republican congressional tours to Israel & countless Zionist organizations & initiatives in the US. The Adelsons, along with Haim Saban, are primary sponsors of Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, a Zionist group that just raised over $60 million in Hollywood for the Israeli army carrying out genocide against Palestinians. Both, under their individual names, contribute millions to Republican candidates & super PACs. In the 2012 election, she was the largest female donor to Republicans, contributing more than twice as much as those of the next top 15 women donors combined. In that election, Politico reported a total of $46 million from her & $50 million from him. Since his worth of over $33 billion makes him one of the richest men in the US & in the world, they can afford to buy a lot of candidates & influence a lot of elections–including, or especially, Trump. Sheldon Adelson gave $25 million to a Trump super Pac & $5 million for the inauguration. There is no report if Miriam gave individually to either.

As rabid Zionists, the Adelsons care about only one issue & that is Israel. Whatever else Republican candidates who they bankroll stand for is of no concern to them. Sheldon has called Palestinians “an invented people” whose sole purpose is to destroy Israel & opposes any peace negotiations that would get in the way of a one-state annexation of all of Palestine. As the publishers of Israel Hayom, a pro-Netanyahu newspaper in Israel, they are supporters of apartheid & genocide & of course endorsed Trump for US president.

Miriam, with her troll-like husband beaming proudly in the audience, was given this worthless honorific because money can buy US politicians. But it must be emphasized that US policy toward Israel is not determined but only facilitated by these billionaire Zionists. The primary factor in US policy toward Israel is as a stronghold for US economic & political policies in the entire Middle East.

(Photo of Adelson receiving Medal of Freedom by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

Others may not appreciate my posts about Betty Windsor & the British moochocracy because they consider them mean. Is there a problem with that when we’re still trying to undo the damage from centuries of British colonialism? Feudalism is rooted in the moronic belief that some are born superior & the rest of us inferior. Posting against moochocracy is my small way of spitting in the eye of such delusions.

Charlie Windsor, who had his 68th birthday on Monday, may be the only feudal mooch that merits pity. He doesn’t have the horse track for distraction like Betty & Camilla & isn’t a flatulent halfwit like his father Phil.

If you’re going to be born to a life of indolence, stupid is an asset–the shallow depths of which have been plumbed over & over again, if not pioneered, by the Windsor clan. They cannot be blamed entirely for that since stupid seems to be the historic hallmark of feudal social relations. All that blue blood crap rots the brain.

Our man Charlie seemed to have more going for him. There was real promise & if his personal valet had ever taught him how to brush his own teeth or wipe his own butt he might well have developed beyond hapless.

Charlie’s post as “Prince of Wales” comes with the motto “Ich dien” (German for “I serve”). Why it’s in German & why a guy who’s waited on hand & foot would have such a motto is anybody’s guess. If you research it, you’re a damn fool. But you will find out it has to do with ostrich feathers, jousting, & other tomfooleries of feudalism still extant centuries beyond its historical usefulness. Didn’t Karl Marx talk about that somewhere?

Recently we heard he & Camilla had pulled off a palace coup in Buckingham & exiled Betty & Phil. That may be one of those fake news stories that FB & Google are so worried about. That’s why you could only learn it in the checkout line at the supermarket.

Here Charlie is confronted with a teddy bear. Betty never allowed the poor boy toys. Instead she gave him military medals for battles he never fought in so he’s entirely nonplussed as to whether it’s real or not. Why won’t the damn thing talk back to him & call him “your royal highness” like all his other minions?

(Photo from Getty)


–Originally posted November 17, 2016

Newsy is reporting dissension among members of the Central American refugee caravan. Of course there is. What’s the big deal? The refugees are under tremendous pressure, including from the Mexican government. They’re exhausted & scared & worried for their kids since Trump has amassed 15,000 troops on the border threatening to shoot them. The problem of dissension isn’t just some kind of national conflict between Hondurans, Guatemalans, & El Salvadorans, as Newsy reported, but because it’s an ad hoc formation being threatened by the US, thwarted by Mexico, & only helped by Mexican working people who are themselves under military occupation by the Mexican army & drug cartels. A lot of any dissension will evaporate if they are offered busses to carry them north, encampments to protect them when they reach the border, & protesters to stand with them demanding ‘Open the damn borders. Immigration is a human right.’

Photo is a Honduran man protecting his child against Mexican soldiers trying to prevent them from crossing into Mexico, Oct. 19, 2018.

(Photo from Reuters)

Is Oprah still trying to form a cult of personality around Michelle Obama? Apparently successfully, since hundreds are paying big bucks to hear her shill her new book whilst other authors beg attendance. A tender moment here with the architect of the Iraq war & a marriage with the architect of intervention in Syria & Yemen & continuance in Afghanistan, Iraq, & Libya. This is called ‘working across the aisles’ in US politics where there is no meaningful difference between the two parties.

(Photo from AP, September 2017)

List of Rohingya demands sent to Aung San Suu Kyi:

1) Our ethnic identity “Rohingya” must be recognised as an official ethnic group as before 1970s.

2) Our return to our homeland in Rakhine State must be protected by international observers.

3) International protection must be placed in our homeland before we return.

4) Our houses in original villages must be rebuilt before we return.

5) We seek compensation and reparations for lives lost, injuries inflicted and harm caused. We seek compensation and reparations for the properties we lost and we demand the return of confiscated lands since 1992.

6) All Rohingya prisoners in various prisons must be released.

7) All internally displaced persons in Sittwe and other towns must be able to return to their original places and homes.
Appropriate compensation and reparations must be given and, not least, their full citizenship must be restored before we agree to return to our homeland.

8) Innocent Rohingya must be removed from the terrorist list arbitrarily made by Myanmar authorities.

9) Full citizenship of Rohingya must be restored and all restrictions must be lifted.

10) Issuing National Verification Card must be stopped, and this system must be abolished.